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Nearly 100 years ago Gladys Stroud was born in New York City. She was delivered on March 31, 1917, and during that year the Chicago White Sox beat her hometown New York Giants 4 games to 2 to win the World Series. She would wait another 88 years before seeing the White Sox win another title.

She has seen a lot of changes during these years and she is literally a walking observation of history itself. She was born the year hamburger buns were invented and World War I had just begun.

She’s been married twice losing both husbands to heart disease and now lives in west Las Vegas, NV. She has great friends (all younger) who enjoy getting together and playing Mahjong a tile based game from China that is similar to the card game rummy. Her friends believe her secret to living so long is attributed to 3 things – “good scotch, a good cigar and good sex.”

Gladys still plays Mahjong twice a week, exercises at the Community Center regularly and volunteers at the local library. She plays bingo and drinks scotch at her local happy hours and loves live theatre traveling to Los Angeles.

As for good sex that’s a private issue, but Gladys did try pot once and didn’t like it.

“I’m hoping to live to 200, but I don’t fear death,” Gladys says. “I nearly bled to death after having Esther, my first child — my uterus wouldn’t close — and I found myself in a very peaceful and warm comfortable place. Until I heard the doctor say, ‘She’s coming back,’ I’m pretty sure I’d died. It was a gray place, but very nice. Nothing to worry about.”

Keep on Truckin Gladys and we’ll take your 3 reasons for longevity to heart and who knows maybe we’ll all make it to 100 years old. If not good sex, good scotch and a good premium cigar will have to do.

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