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Since 1994, GetSpecific Website Marketing Company has developed effective monthly SEO Plans and strategies for websites who are serious about getting and keeping first page organic ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. We have a proven track record handling over 6,500+ clients increasing their organic search engine rankings, targeted traffic, ROI and profits.

GetSpecific Website Marketing Company builds relationships with our clients based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with my firm's reputation on the line. No one has more experience with online web promotions and optimizing a website for top organic Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings than GetSpecific.

GetSpecific is a web promotion company consistently delivering outstanding organic Google search results, combining creative ideas with their vast 26+ years of experience. I can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand, using social media, organic Google search results and content marketing.

GetSpecific Website Marketing Company specializes in areas as diverse as (SEO) search engine optimization, keyword research, meta tags including title, keyword, description and H1 tags, social media marketing, content marketing, backlink building, SERanking reporting and more.

Greg Elam offer website marketing specializing in meta tags, backlinks ppc, social media
Owner - President

6,500+ Clients Served

Over 25k Meta Tags Written

Over 20,000+ Page 1 Rankings

Increase in ROI

My Vision

To be the most respected website marketing company online. I want to change the way businesses online obtain first page organic Google ranking driving sustainable, targeted traffic month after month.

Passionate About My Clients

My website marketing company, my first page organic ranking for my firm and my 24+ years online speaks for itself. I deliver an outstanding web promotion service custom-tailored to each and every one of my clients — big or small.

GetSpecific History

Here is a brief timeline of my GetSpecific Website Marketing Agency and my history online.


October 1994

In October of 1994, I became a beta tester for MicroSoft. I was one of a thousand or so online and I've seen every development and transformation known to SEO and website marketing to date. I've played a direct role in implementing several of the key areas of SEO including keyword research, meta tag writing and backlink building, namely competitor marketing.

March 17, 1995

I had the privilege to join the Internet's first and biggest SEO firm called WebPromote. I became a manager and helped create several SEO practices used today such as Keyword Research, Writing Meta Tags and Competitor Back Linking. WebPromote aka SuperHighway Consulting went on to become the world's biggest full service SEO firm long before Google was ever a thought and Yahoo dominated the search world. WebPromote went on to become InfoUSA and several WebPromote colleagues went on to have stellar careers online.


January 10, 1998

I moved from the Chicago area to Collierville, TN just outside of Memphis and launched my SEO firm and GetSpecific Website Marketing Company was born. Since then I've managed over 6,500 websites from MicroSoft, FedEx, Travelocity, Sun MicroSystems all the way to medium and smaller business websites in all industries.



Present Day

GetSpecific Website Marketing Company has worked with hundreds of web designers and thousands of websites since 1994 bringing them first page organic ranking to the top search engines. I'm proud to have pioneered the SEO industry like no other firm online today including Social Media, BackLinking, Content Marketing and more.



I'm still marketing online and still kicking butt driving targeted traffic to my clients websites. Since 1994 many things have changed with website marketing and SEO, but one thing has not and that is knowledge + hard work = first page organic rankings for my clients. Give me a call directly at 608-577-6339, or fill out my Free SEO Consultation form and let me show you first hand how I can do this for your website too.