Website Marketing Trends 2017 – DuckDuckGo Reaches 13 Million Searches a Day

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DuckDuckGo competes with Google and wins.

With the emergence of Donald Trump as President and Snowden’s role in Wiki Leaks, Americans are starting to pay more attention to privatization in their lives. One area in particular is in the Search Engine world and the king of the hill is Google. Google started in 1998 and I still remember their first day online. Amazingly they had the same color scheme I chose for my GetSpecific Website Marketing website. I was flattered they would use my idea and more importantly I was impressed with their search results. Google had something unique back then and they ventured away from the traditional search of the norm such as Yahoo (a directory not an engine) InfoSeek, Alta Vista, HotBot, WebCrawler, Magellan, Excite and many more engines. Fast forward to today (Feb 2017) and we’ve got one search engine that dominates all search traffic and I must admit this is not what any website marketing firm wanted in the beginning.

With Trumps administration wanting to take control of everything including the Internet it’s becoming more and more aware that we need to keep our privacy when searching online. One engine that is making a big splash and gaining immense popularity is DuckDuckGo. Many of you know that I have been a big fan of DuckDuckGo since day one of its existence in 2008. DuckDuckGo’s mission is to provide all the power of a top search engine, but without tracking your every move that Google now uses to fund its gigantic Ad business. Next time you’re in Gmail and you type a message to your friend about this awesome pizza place you found look around at the ads in Gmail and you’ll see they will be pizza related. DuckDuckGo doesn’t share your search phrases (terms), it doesn’t save your search history, doesn’t log and document your IP address or user profile and it doesn’t use cookies to track your every move around the web.

One big leap upward for DuckDuckGo was in 2014 when Apple and Mozilla both decided to make DuckDuckGo their default search engine option in Safari and Firefox. As of Jan 2017 DuckDuckGo is growing by leaps and bounds reaching the milestone of 10 billion overall searches and for Jan 10, 2017 they climbed to over 12 million searches for that day alone. As of 11 Feb, 2017 They have reached over 13 million searches per day.

As founder Gabriel Weinberg noted in a recent article a few weeks ago, “We are growing faster than ever,” and as a website marketing firm of 22+ years I could not be happier to hear this. Weinberg also states, “In addition to crossing the 10 billion milestone, last year we also donated $225,000 to nine organizations that also raise the standard of trust online.” Here’s to continued growth and to help this tough little search engine stand its ground with the Goliath Google. We need privacy in our lives now more than ever. In my opinion those who are willing to trade privacy for a bit of security deserve neither!

Help DuckDuckGo reach the next level by using their awesome search engine.



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