Meta Tags SEO – Title, Keyword, Description Tags

One of the most important aspects of to and effective website marketing campaingn for Google, Bing and Yahoo is to have your website ranked in the top 10 organic search results for keyword phrases that relate most to your business. There are some ways to accomplish a top listing, but unfortunately are either expensive, or unethical like doorway pages, cloaking, using hidden text, keyword stuffing, or spamming your website via automated software. All of these methods and a few more go against the guidelines that the major engines have set forth. Nothing works better to help ensure your site to rank high in the organic search results than properly written meta tags which includes the title, keyword and description tags. There is no reason to do any backlinking, or submission program if your site does not have the absolute best or fully optimized meta tags. They’re essential to a top ranking campaign. The homepage and as many marketable inner pages shoud have their own meta tags optimized for as many specific keyword phrases as possible. Our Full Service Website Marketing handles all of this and more.

GetSpecific has written thousands of meta tags for every website imaginable and has achieved some of the highest and most consistent search engine placement for their clients of any reputable website promotions firm today. We start by researching your websites industry to understand what important keywords you want to be found under. Then to research those specific keyword phrases for their importance and to find what page they belong on within your site. We can suggest building new inner pages to accomidate additional important keyword phrases where a current inner page does not exist. We give your entire website optimized page design tips that will develop a strategy greatly enhancing your ability to etchically market your site in all the major search engines and directories.

Once we know exactly what you want we simply write your meta tags the GetSpecific way in the most professional manner possible. This includes writing your Title tag, Meta Keyword tag and Meta Description tag. By using our unique approach we find what we call a ‘Happy Medium’ where our meta tags will give you the best chances of achieving top search engine placement in all of the major engines. The top search engines are very much alike in how they index your website and our unique method of writing meta tags and ethically optimizing page design adheres to all the top 3 search engines guidelines, thus giving you optimum chances of achieving top search engine placement.

No matter who continues to market your site it’s vital that professional ongoing marketing be performed to keep and, or improve upon your top ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

We Can Manually Submit Your Site To Many Regional Specific Directories