GetSpecific Internet Marketing has a unique history on the Net. Greg Elam the owner has been involved with the Internet since its inception. In the fall of 1994 Greg was lucky to be involved with MicroSoft as a beta tester for their product Windows95. Greg went to college at night taking courses toward a journalism degree and worked full time at a prestigious Chicago personal injury law firm. “When I first saw what the Internet was going to be, it blew me away”, said Greg. “I noticed right away where it was all going and the impact it would have on society and business”.

“Yahoo was the only portal (they were not an engine then) and their directory had numerous categories and sub-categories where in parentheses (0) it showed no site in that category”. Greg mentions, “I have a close friend whose brother built me an html website which he did free hand with no editor. I was able to get that website ranked in the top 10 of all of the top engines and back then there were a few. Yahoo, New Hoo (now Dmoz), Alta Vista, HotBot, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler, Excite, InfoSeek, Starting Point, NorthernLights, were some of the original engines. Now we have Google, Bing and Yahoo with all the other smaller older engines owned by these three”.

In March of 1995 Greg came into contact with a firm called WebPromote in the Chicago area. Greg recalls “They were a small start up company near my home and I was able to get on with their firm as an Internet Marketing specialist. Since everything was brand new we had free reign to come with ideas and to make them work and we did just that. WebPromote had some unbelievable people working there and as a team we literally came up with procedures that are used today for Internet Marketing around the world”. Greg reflects “Its amazing to me how many of those early ways of marketing a site are still profound and succeeding today to rank high in the engines”. WebPromote handled the Internet Marketing for such firms as MicroSoft, Thomas Register, FedEx, Travelocity, Expedia, Sun MicroSystems, and thousands more. Greg was a manager at WebPromote and through a team of unique marketers they handled the SEO for about 300 new sites per month. They handled sites from the biggest to the smallest mom-n-pop.

In 1998 WebPromote changed gears and became YesMail a leading opt-In direct email firm (which they invented at WebPromote) and continue to succeed today on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Greg then started GetSpecific with all his knowledge and has become one of the most successful website marketing firms ever since. His expertise is invaluable and he works on every site as if it were his own. GetSpecific has trained specialists to handle every aspect of Internet Marketing. All of their work is done manually and ethically with an honest evaluation of how long it will all take to accomplish. Some phrases are easier to get ranking for than others and it takes a steady long term commitment to succeed online. You need a firm like GetSpecific who literally set the standard for what SEO firms use today to get top ranking.

Greg clearly states, “The Net has changed alot and will continue to change and you must keep up with all of that to succeed. I always said getting top ranking was hard enough, but keeping it is even harder”. Greg compares “It’s like running a marathon race and once you’re in the lead you never get to pull over and take a break because when you do someone else will be ready to pass you buy. If you’re honest and you approach your sites Internet Marketing ethically and you’re not willing to cheat and cut corners you’ll succeed with your organic search results”. Greg then admits “The key is to know what direction to go in first from the beginning, so you don’t waste valuable time figuring it all out. Let GetSpecific be the one to help you get your website off the ground and on your way to top organic search results and sales you’ve been looking for”.