Inbound Website Marketing

Welcome to GetSpecific Inbound Website Marketing, since 1995 a leading web promotion company successfully and ethically handling over 5,500 clients covering a wide variety of industries. Prior to starting GetSpecific in 1998 we had the fortunate opportunity to be on the ground floor and help create the Nets first largest web promotion company

It was called WebPromote (later called YesMail and now InfoUSA) and we performed full service marketing for many well known clients such as MicroSoft, NBC, Thomas Register, Travelocity, Expedia, FedEx, Sun MicroSystems including many more medium to smaller company websites. During those early days valuable experience was gained as a small group of specialists pioneered the industry as we know it today. Many of the original people including GetSpecific moved on to highly successful careers online.

How is your overall website marketing? Are you happy with your Google, Bing and Yahoo traffic and sales? Do you have a Social Media campaign set up and operating? Is Mobile Marketing or Pay Per Click campaign like Google Adwords set up? If you feel like your business is not generating the proper traffic and sales then let us help you. GetSpecific has 22+ yrs and 5,500 clients worth of experience in this industry. You must have an inbound website marketing plan that is specifically tailored to your website to be successful today. If your site sells Locally, Nationally or both we can help you achieve your sites full potential. The first thing to do is talk about your site and its current state of web development and optimization and then set up a specifically tailored Inbound Marketing Plan. We provide a Free Website Review to help explain it all and allow you to make an informed decision about your website marketing.

Please visit our Monthly Marketing Plans and fill out our Free Website Review form, or simply call GetSpecific  @ 608-577-6339 today for more information!